The Triangle – Video

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The Triangle: The road, the passengers and speed. This project focuses on why the leading cause of death in Qatar is road accidents, more specifically the gruesome deaths on the stretch of road from Mesaieed to Sealine beach resort. The alarming statistics of deaths are finally mobilizing the owners of the road, Qatar Petroleum, to fix it after 18 years. Rashid Al-Buainain, 22, and Nasser Al-Khater, 20, spoke about their tales in Sealine and why the problem is the mindset of teenagers. Fahad Al-Mannai, 17, disagreed and said it has to do with speed, and why he finds going to Sealine perfectly normal.

Mohammed Saad Al-Kharji, manager of the traffic police in Qatar, spoke about accidents in general, and claimed speed was the issue. Perhaps, it’s the problems male teenagers pose within their destructive nature to risk their lives and the lives of others. Perhaps it is the reckless speeding, and perhaps it’s the one lane road. Each gave their opinion on the road, nicknamed ‘the road of death’ and why the recently opened hospital, does nothing to help the situation.

Filming on location in Sealine.

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Sealine in Detail – Rollover

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Photogallery of Sealine

Photogallery inside of the road, Sealine and other attractions.

Tourists usually take walks around Sealine and the dunes. Some of the sand bashing include crashing with innocent bystanders.

A family camping in Sealine

Shipment cars passing on Sealine Road.

A car dune bashing.

A factory in Sealine.

Many people go to Sealine for quad bikes. There are a lot of accidents because of this.

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